All of Aristone’s products are available in Concrete, Plaster and Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete (GFRC).
All materials meet or exceed the ASTM requirements.

Concrete products can be used both inside and outdoors. Their extreme durability and low cost make them the ideal choice for long term outdoor use. Integral color can be achieved by adding iron oxide pigments to the concrete during manufacturing. Aristone offers 16 standard concrete design mixes (colors).

All products are available in smooth (form) finish, 2 levels of sandblast, distressed (air hammered) Coral textured finish and our Ari-Stone ( Old World ) textured finish.

The obvious disadvantage of concrete is its weight (140+- Lbs per cubic foot). All products must be offloaded and moved to their final location by hand or by forklift. Structural concrete columns are typically set by crane.

Aristone's precast products should be treated as other concrete. Depending on your local climate conditions, sealers may be needed to prevent damage from freeze/thaw cycles. You should contact your local mason or concrete specialist to inquire as to what type of sealer to use.

Design mixes and compressive strength test results are available upon request or on our website at:


Plaster products are for interior use only. Aristone uses a high quality white casting plaster with a natural fabric back up for strength. Plaster product wall thickness is typically ¾" to 1". Plaster is ideal for painting or faux finishing.

Plaster Column

GFRC OutsideGFRC Inside

Glass Fiber Reinforced concrete is a high strength, lightweight concrete product manufactured using sand, cement, alkali resistant fiber and an acrylic polymer curing agent.

The final product consists of a GFRC shell approximately ½" to 3/4" thick. The resulting product is as much as 75% lighter than a comparable concrete product.

GFRC is the ideal product for limited access areas where heavy structural columns and or other concrete products are not practical.

GFRC is available in any of our 16 colors in Smooth, Coral and Acid Etch finish. The product is excellent for painting or staining.

FRP (fiberglass reinforced polymer) - Aristone carries HB&G® PERMA Cast Columns. These are rotocast fiberglass reinforced polymer and they are suitable for both interior and exterior use. They are available in fluted, square, tapered, non-tapered styles in sizes ranging from 6" x 6' to 24" x 20'. Aristone stocks their Tuscan style non-fluted tapered columns in 6" 8" 10" and 12" diameter, in heights to 10 ft. Non-stock styles and sizes are available by special order and are typically available in 3 to 5 weeks.

HB& G Column

Colors & Finishes

Please click on any tile below to see an enlarged image of that color and texture.

Color Chart

Examples of Finishes

  • Smooth(form) Finish
  • Sandblast
    • Medium
    • Heavy
  • Distressed
    • Air-hammered
    • Sandblasted
  • Coral Finish
  • Old World Finish. 
    (similar to Travertine)

A stackable Tuscan column in our Old World finish rivals the appearance of natural stone but without the long delivery times and at a much more reasonable cost.

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and below to see enlarged versions.

Finish Gray Concrete

Corinthian column in gray concrete

Finish Coral

GFRC Mantle in our Coral finish

Colored Sandblast

Tuscan Column in Colored Sandblast finish


Finish - Air Hammered

Tuscan column in our air hammered and sandblasted finish

Finish - Aristore

Molding in our Old World finish

Finish - Aristone2

Mantle in our Old World finish

Coral GFRC Balustrade

GFRC Balustrade system in our Coral finish